Making and testing advanced DCPs in EasyDCP Plus

When making and testing advanced DCPs with multiple reels you can subscribe to Easydcp Plus for one month for €148. Easydcp Plus includes Easydcp Creator + and Easydcp player +.

If you are making a simple DCP with burned in subtitles you can make it and test it in Davinci Resolve Studio, read more in this post. With the Easydcp Plugin for Resolve you can make DCPs with soft subtitles and test the soft subtitles in the trial version of EasyDCP player which plays for 5 seconds, read more in this post.

But if you are making an advanced DCP with multiple Reels it can be nice to use the full version of Easydcp Plus. When using both programs together you can preview how the DCP will look before generating the DCP.

Preview the DCP in Easydcp Player

Assembling the DCP in Easydcp Creator +

When you click on the play button in the upper right corner the DCP project will open in Easydcp Player and you can check that the subtitles and sound are in sync. Typically a DCP has some logo reels at the start and the feature may be divided in reels. The audio and picture asset in each reel can have an offset, and each reel have a subtitle asset.

Previewing the DCP in Easydcp player +

Checking the sound

Before generating the DCP you can check if the sound channels are correct in the sound meter and you can listen to it.
1: Left
2: Right
3: Center
4: LFE
5: Ls
6: Rs

Checking subtitles

When you click on a subtitle in the Subtitle Inspector it will jump to that subtitle. You can check sync on all the reels quickly.

Smooth playback

In EasyDCP player you can lower the quality of playback until you have no dropped frames. Go to Preferences – JPEG 2000 and slide the slider from Quality to Performance until you have smooth playback.

Downmix to 5.1

To do a quick listen to the sound on a laptop with stereo output you can downmix 5.1 to stereo. Go to “Preferences – Audio settings” and change “Output channel mapping” to “5.1 to stereo downmix”.

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