How to make a 7.1 VF DCP in Easydcp Creator Plus

In Easydcp Creator plus you can make supplemental package/Version File (VF) DCPs that add subtitles or audio to an Original Version (OV) DCP. Instead of making a DCP for every version of the film, VF DCPs are generated for each version and sent with the OV DCP.

To make a 7.1 DCP you first make a 5.1 DCP and then add a 7.1 VF DCP with the 7.1 sound. The 7.1 VF DCP references the 5.1 OV DCP picture track(s) and will be around 7 GB for a feature film. This way both 5.1 and 7.1 cinemas can play the film correctly.

In this post, I show how you can make 7.1 VF and 7.1 + Atmos VF DCPs and how to merge them with the OV DCP.

Make the 5.1 OV DCP

Add the picture track and the 5.1 sound

Choose a DCP name with 51 and OV

Easydcp is linked with the ISDCF database.
Use the Easydcp ISDCF name generator to make a DCP name


Generate Package

Make the 7.1 VF DCP

Open the 5.1 OV DCP in Easydcp Creator plus

Change the picture track to a supplemental track

Right-click on the picture track and choose “Supplemental” – “This Track”

This 7.1 DCP will now reference the 5.1 OV DCP picture track.

Remove the 5.1 audio

Add the 7.1 sound track

Easydcp Creator will add silence on the four empty tracks. The left rear surround channel will be on track 11 and the right rear surround channel will be on track 12. The resulting sound track will be a 12 Wild Track Format audio track.

Add the 7.1 track to the reel and give the DCP a new name

Drag the 7.1 sound track to the reel.

Change the ISDCF name so it includes 71 and VF:


Generate Package

Check the DCPs (optional)

Drag both DCPs to Easydcp player to check them.

When playing the DCP the 7.1 DCP should have sound on channels 11 and 12.

Both folders can be included on a hard drive or sent via a download link.

More info

Merging the OV and VF DCP to a multiple CPL DCP

Sometimes it can be easier to use a multiple CPL DCP instead of OV+VF DCPs. A trailer DCP with multiple CPLs can have all the languages for a trailer in one DCP. Ordinarily, you would just add a composition using the plus icon.

but you can also merge OV+VF DCPs using Package – Merge CPLs

The PKL name will then match the first composition. On a Doremi server, you have to click on the PKL name to see the two CPL names in the ingest manager.

7.1 + Atmos VF DCP

Making a 7.1 + Atmos VF DCP is similar to making a 7.1 VF DCP.

Add a 7.1 + Atmos sound track

You will get a 14 wild track format track where track 14 will be a silent track, but when the DCP is played it will be an automatically generated sync track from the Dolby Atmos MXF track.

The Dolby Atmos MXF track is added to the reel with “Track” – “Add Aux Data / Dolby Atmos / DTS:X Track”

The 7.1 + Atmos VF DCP can be merged with the 5.1 + Atmos DCP OV DCP if the logistics of having two separate DCPs is difficult.

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