Removing green tint from DCPs in Resolve

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If you look at a DCP made with a white point/chromatic adaption from D65 to DCI WHITE in Resolve, the picture will look greenish. You can add a corrector node with the “Chromatic adaption” Resolve FX effect from DCI White to D65 to get it back to normal.

Settings Chromatic Adaption effect

Method = CAT02

Source Illuminant
Illuminant Type= Standard Illuminant
Std. Illuminant=DCI

Target Illuminant
Illuminant Type= Standard Illuminant
Std. Illuminant=D65

Current Color Space and Gamma
Color Space = Use timeline
Gamma = Use timeline

chromatic adaption effect

If the picture still has a tint, adjusting the gain on the red, blue, or green RGB primaries can remove it.

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