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The Digital Cinema Package Handbook


The Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Handbook by Knut Erik Evensen

A guidebook to making DCPs in DCP-o-Matic, Resolve, EasyDCP

Also available on Amazon

A guidebook to the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format

Also available on Amazon

Hands-on tutorials chapters:

  • How to export and view Interop/SMPTE DCPs in DaVinci Resolve Studio.
  • How to make and view more advanced DCPs in easyDCP Plus.
  • How to make and test DCPs in DCP-o-matic
  • How to convert the sound from stereo to 5.1
  • How to match loudness levels for features, trailers, and commercials.
  • How to make interop and SMPTE subtitles
  • How to make VF DCP that adds dubbed language tracks, subtitle tracks, and Atmos/7.1 sound.
  • How to make an encrypted DCP
  • How to deliver a DCP
  • How to install Ubuntu in Virtualbox and use Linux commands

Some advice on current DCI/SMPTE standards and best practices from the book

Use the DCI resolutions

  • 4K Scope 2.39:1 4096 1716
  • 4K Flat 1.85:1 3996 2160
  • 2K Scope 2.39:1 2048 858
  • 2K Flat 1.85:1 1998 1080

Make both Flat and Scope trailers

When the aspect ratio is less than 2.39:1 (Scope) like 2.2:1, Hollywood DCPs have been delivered letterboxed in Flat with subtitles above the letterboxing.

Subtitles often use Arial or a similar font, around 38-42 in size, and around 8 percent from the edge of the picture.

Deliver the film with a 5.1 soundtrack. 2 channel stereo is not commonly used in cinemas.

Use an MBR EXT2/NTFS formatted hard drive to deliver the DCP.


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