Using Save Package or Merge CPL in Easydcp Creator

In Easydcp Creator Plus 4, you can make supplemental packages that add different sound, and subtitle languages.

In this post, I show how you can use:

“Save Package” to change the name of a DCP and

“Merge CPLs” to merge two DCPs and delete one of the versions.

Using Save Package to change the name of the DCP

With “save package” you can:

  • fix the name and content kind,
  • fix offsets on image and audio tracks,
  • delete assets and tracks
  • “Save Package” only changes metadata in the XML files and possibly the file names.

Changing the name of a DCP

Type in a new name in the content title text box, Easydcp Creator will also update the PKL name.

File – Save Package

Merge DCPs with different languages to make a new language OV DCP

If you want to add new subtitles or audio and don’t want to use a supplemental package you can use “merge CPL”.

You can merge DCPs with different languages to make a new language OV DCP. Instead of generating new MXF files, the MXF files from the DCPs are copied to the new DCP. If the DCP is already on an FTP server, you only need to upload the new audio MXF files and the new XML files and delete the old audio MXF files.

Open the OV DCP

Use Merge CPL to add the supplemental package with the dubbed language

Package – Merge CPLs…

You will now have two CPLs. Instead of making a multiple CPL DCP, I delete the original composition and change the name of the dubbed version to OV.

Click on the trash bin to delete the OV CPL

Rename the DCP from VF to OV

Generate Package

Choose Copy MXF

You now have a new OV DCP with dubbed language

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