Some Resolve 17/18 color transform methods to DCI X´Y´Z´

Some color transform examples

These examples are from projects with “Color Science” set to “Davinci Resolve YRGB” in Project settings. Not Davinci Resolve YRGB color managed.

Rec 709 2.4 to DCI X´Y´Z´

When you choose Rec 709 Gamma 2.4 as the Timeline color space in Resolve, DCPs made with Kakadu or the Easydcp plugin will have an automatic color transform from Rec.709 Gamma 2.4 to DCI X´Y´Z.

Most videofiles are Rec.709 2.4 gamma.

It will look strange on a normal monitor when rendering, but when you drop the DCP back in a Rec 709 2.4 project, it will have a reverse DCI X´Y´Z´ to Rec709 2.4 transform applied and look normal.

In “Project setting” – “Color management” – “Color Space and Transforms”
Color science = DaVinci YRGB
Timeline color space = Rec.709 Gamma 2.4
Output color space: Same as timeline

Output color space can be left as “Same as timeline.” It is not in use when making DCPs. Do not use the Color space tag in the render pane to choose the source color space.

Another valid DCP timeline color is P3, but only use this if the film has been color graded in P3. Usually a video file has P3 D65 2.6 gamma in its name if was graded in P3.

DCI X´Y´Z´ with REC 709 2.4 3D LUT color transform

When DCI X´Y´Z´ is chosen as the Timeline color space, there is no automatic color conversion when making a DCP.

DCI X´Y´Z´ can also be used when using a 3D LUT to do the conversion to DCI X´Y´Z. You can apply an Output lookup table to the project in Lookup tables – Output lookup table.

Project setting – Color space & Transforms

Project settings – Color Management – Lookup tables – Output lookup table.

3D Lookup table interpolation = Tetrahedral

Other 3D LUTS you can use from my free XYZ 3D LUT PACK:
P3 D60 2.6 gamma
P3 DCI WHITE 2.6 gamma
P3 D61 2.6 gamma
P3 D65 2.6 gamma
Rec709 d65 2.2 gamma
Rec709 d65 2.4 gamma
Rec709 d65 2.6 gamma

DCI X´Y´Z´ with no color transform

If the video in the project is a DCP or a J2C/TIFF XYZ sequence that has been converted to DCI X´Y´Z´, you choose “Timeline color space” “DCI X´Y´Z´.”

DCPs made with the Kakadu or the Easydcp plugin will have no automatic transform when choosing DCI X´Y´Z´.

On DCP trailers, you can add graphics in RGB with a 3D LUT color transform to DCI X´Y´Z applied to match the DCP.

DCI X´Y´Z´ from Rec.709 2.4 with white point adaption from D65 to DCI WHITE

Note: Chomatic adaption to DCI white can cause color shifts

Use Project Setting – Timeline Color space DCI XYZ

Use a corrector node with the Color space transform in Open FX – Resolve FX color effect

Input Color space – Rec. 709
Input Gamma 2.4

Output Color Space: Use Timeline
Output Gamma: Use Timeline
Tone Mapping method: None
Gamut mapping method: None

Advanced. “Use white point adaption” is ticked

Chromatic Adaption” Resolve FX effect from DCI White to D65

Note: When viewing a DCP made with a white point/chromatic adaption from D65 to DCI WHITE in Resolve, the picture will be greenish. You can add a corrector node with a “Chromatic Adaption” Resolve FX effect from DCI White to D65 to get it back to normal.

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  1. A follow up. I asked a question about 709 gamma 2.4. Further investigation showed that I had my player project setup incorrectly and that your instructions for Resolve worked just fine. Thanks for a useful website.

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