Some Resolve 17 Color transform methods to DCI X´Y´Z´

Example: Rec 709 Gamma 2.4 to DCI X´Y´Z´

If you choose Rec 709 Gamma 2.4 as the Timeline color space, DCPs made with Kakadu or the Easydcp plugin will have an automatic color transform. It will look strange on a normal monitor when rendering, but when you drop the DCP back in the Rec 709 2.4 project, it will have a reverse DCI X´Y´Z´ to Rec709 2.4 transform applied and look normal.

In “Project setting” – “Color management” – “Color Space and Transforms” – “Timeline color space” choose Color science = DaVinci YRGB and the color space and gamma of the film. Example Rec 709 Gamma 2.4

Example DCI X´Y´Z´ with REC 709 2.4 3D LUT color transform

When DCI X´Y´Z´ is chosen as the Timeline color space, there will be no automatic color conversion when making a DCP.

DCI X´Y´Z´ can be used when using a 3D LUT to do the conversion to DCI X´Y´Z. You can apply an Output lookup table to the project in Lookup tables – Output lookup table.

Project setting – Color space & Tranforms

Project settings – Color Managment – Lookup tables – Output lookup table.

3D Lookup table interpolation = Tetraderal

Other 3D LUTS you can use from my free XYZ 3D LUT PACK:
P3 D60 2.6 gamma
P3 DCI WHITE 2.6 gamma
P3 D61 2.6 gamma
P3 D65 2.6 gamma
Rec709 d65 2.2 gamma
Rec709 d65 2.4 gamma
Rec709 d65 2.6 gamma

Example DCI X´Y´Z´ with no color transform

If the project already is converted to DCI X´Y´Z´ like a DCP, you choose “Timeline color space” “DCI X´Y´Z´.”

DCPs made with Kakadu or the Easydcp plugin will have no automatic transform when choosing DCI X´Y´Z´.

On trailers, you often add graphics in RGB with a 3D LUT color transform to DCI X´Y´Z applied to match the DCP.

Example DCI X´Y´Z´ from Rec.709 2.4 with white point adaption from D65 to DCI WHITE

Use Project Setting – Timeline Color space DCI XYZ

Use a corrector node with the Color space transform in Open FX – Resolve FX color effect

Input Color space – Rec. 709
Input Gamma 2.4

Output Color Space: Use Timeline
Output Gamma: Use Timeline
Tone Mapping method: None
Gamut mapping method: None

Advanced. “Use white point adaption” is ticked

Note: When viewing a DCP made with a white point/chromatic adaption from D65 to DCI WHITE in Resolve, the picture is greenish. You can add a corrector node with the “Chromatic Adaption” Resolve FX effect from DCI White to D65 to get it back to normal.

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