Short film and commercials DCP conversions
-24/25 FPS INTEROP/SMPTE versions
-Included optional stereo to 5.1 conversion in Pro Tools
-Correct loudness for commercials

Quality Control of DCPs
-You can send me a DCP that needs quality Control and I can test it.
-Can remaster or make new XML files in EasyDCP Creator on DCPs mastered in other software.
-Can do the full test in Easydcp Player + on subtitles, J2C and Wav MXF files

Feature film DCP versioning and mastering.
-Versioning and mastering on feature films
-Accept DKDMs
-Can add Logo reel at start of DCP
-Change subtitles or audio language.
-Make supplemental packages

DCP and web trailer mastering and versioning.
– Multiple CPL Flat and Scope trailer.
– Correct loudness on DCP and Web trailers
– Can insert titles and graphics.

Vimeo screeners 
-Can use 100  GB + prores as original file that can be enabled to be downloaded
-Soft subtitles
-Can also do “burn in” of subtitles, watermark and text like the name of a person.
-Correct loudness for vimeo
-Password protected links with/without download options.

– Convert shooting script to subtitles
– Retiming. Can get subtitles frame accurate on silent movies with title cards.
– Conversion from different formats to srt or interop/smpte XML or other format
-Supplemental packages.

Contact me for a price quote:

Knut Erik Evensen
phone: +4793262863

Upload material here:

5 Replies to “Services”

  1. Hi,
    I was reading your website about creating DCP for film festival submission. I really liked how you described in detail the steps to do this.

    I had been considering DIY DCP creating myself but was wondering how much you charge for your services.

    We have a 110 min film (including credits/titles).

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi
    I would like to know if it possible to add subtitle to an already made DCI MXF in premiere or after effect without changing it’s color scheme (bypass in easydcp)

    Kind Regards,

  3. Hello, I’ve tried the qube cinema compressor plug in. Actually it all looks great except for the Fades and the vignettes I created in Final cut, they look like solarized on the cinema screen… have you ever encountered the same kind of problem, would you have a suggestion.? Thanks in advance. Best Michael

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