Valid DCI F and S DCP Resolutions

Normal aspect ratios/resolutions used in cinemas:

2K DCI F Flat 1.85 1998 x 1080
2K DCI S Scope 2.39 2048 x 858
4K DCI F Flat 1.85 3996 x 2160
4K DCI S Scope 2.39 4096 x 1716

All cinemas have presets for Flat and Scope.

Not commonly used aspect ratios/resolutions

DCI 2K C Full Container 2048 x 1080
DCI 4K C Full Container 4096 x 2160
Full container is not commonly used in cinemas. If a DCP is made in Full Container C, it will often be played in Flat with some cropping on the sides.

Letterboxed and pillarboxed aspect ratios inside Flat and Scope

Films made in 2:1 aspect ratio are mastered in letterboxed Flat instead of Full Container or Scope.

The DCP is marked with the custom aspect ratio, like this F-200 for 2:1.

Films made in 2.2:1 have been delivered in both F-220 and S-220.

Films made in 2.66:1 are mastered in letterboxed Scope.

S-266 2.66:1, F-220 2.2:1 , F-178 1.78:1 (HD), and F-200 2:1 have been used on some films

It is possible to make new projector channels/presets for F-200 and similar aspect ratios to avoid letterboxing in a common-height cinema.

A new channel based on the Flat channel for 2.0:1 in a common height cinema would:

  • Add more power to the lamp
  • Be more zoomed in
  • Have a new focus setting
  • Have new digital masking. And ideally a new physical side masking setting.
  • A DCP made with letterboxing should have subtitles above the letterboxing, so it is possible to make a custom projector setting.

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