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DCP and prores/H264 trailer mastering and versioning

-Flat and Scope trailer.
-With correct 82 LEQ loudness for cinemas.
-Can insert titles and graphics.

Stereo to 5.1 upmix

Stereo to 5.1 upmix in Pro Tools Ultimate with the DTS neural upmix plugin

Encrypted DCP Mastering

Encrypted DCP with DKDM for delivery to Movie Transit and versioning at DCP labs.

Short film DCP conversion

-Included optional stereo to 5.1 conversion in Pro Tools

Feature DCP Mastering

Source master can be Prores 422 HQ, TIFF RGB or XYZ DCDM image sequence, and other master video formats. Subtitles can be delivered in SRT and similar formats. Sound can be delivered in 5.1 24 bit 48 kHz mono or interleaved Wav files.  Stereo tracks can be upconverted in Pro tools to 5.1.

Feature film DCP versioning

-Versioning on feature films
-Accept encrypted DCPs
-Accept DKDMs
-Can add Logo reels to the start of DCPs
-Change subtitles or audio language.
-Make supplemental packages

Commercials DCP Conversion

-Correct 82 LEQ loudness for ads

Prores for streaming

-Prores file with 5.1 and stereo for streaming services
-Can change loudness to meet specifications like EBU -23

SFTP storage

Store DCPs and Prores on an SFTP/FTP server, Filemail for 1 year. Movie Transit transfer, Included in prices. 

Convert films for film festivals

Convert many stereo/5.1 Prores files to 5.1 DCPs for film festivals. I usually convert 20-50 films per festival.

Quality control of DCPs and Prores files

-Quality control of DCPs.
-Remastering of DCPs

Vimeo screeners 

-Can upload prores as the original file for better compression
-Soft subtitles
-Can also do “burn-in” of subtitles, watermarks, and text like the name of a person.
-Correct loudness for Vimeo
-Password-protected links with/without download options.


-Convert shooting script to subtitles
-Convert to different subtitle specifications (Netflix)
-Retiming. Can get subtitles frame accurate on silent movies with title cards.
Conversion from different formats. SRT to PAC. SRT to interop/SMPTE XML or other formats
-Supplemental packages.

Conversion between video file formats

Conversion between common video formats like Prores 4444 to an RGB DPX image sequence. From interlaced SD to progressive HD.

Transfer of DCPs and Prores

Uploading of DCPs and Prores files to film festivals and movie transit accounts. FTP servers, Filemail, and Aspera. Included in prices.

Send encrypted or non-encrypted DCPs via my Unique Movie Transit account to cinemas in Norway and other countries that use Movie Transit. You pay only for the Movie Transit transfer fee.

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