Enabling WebDAV (HTTPS) in SFTPGO

The SFTPGO website has a description of how to enable WebDAV (HTTPS) using lego/acme here.

I wrote a post about using Certbot instead of lego to get SSL/TLS certificates, this is a follow-up post where I show how to enable webDAV (HTTPS) using those Certbot certificates.

Enable webDAV (HTTPS) in the SFTPGO configuration file sftpgo.json

Edit the sftpgo.json configuration file with nano

sudo nano /etc/sftpgo/sftpgo.json

Enable_https is true

"enable_https": true,

Choose port 10443

"port": 10443,

Change certificate_file to /etc/sftpgo/ssl/fullchain.pem
Change certificate_key_file to /etc/sftpgo/ssl/privkey.pem

"certificate_file": "/etc/sftpgo/ssl/fullchain.pem",
"certificate_key_file": "/etc/sftpgo/ssl/privkey.pem",
nano sftpgo.json screenshot

Change the firewall settings to open the 10443 port

I use the nftalbes firewall and edit the /etc/nftables.conf that already accept SSH/SFTP on port 2222, 2022, HTTP/S on 80 and 8080 to accept webdav on 10443.

sudo nano /etc/nftables.conf

I modify the simple nftables firewall ruleset for a server with this line that adds 10443 to open ports

tcp dport { 2222, 2022, 80, 8080, 10443 } accept

Restart nftables

sudo systemctl restart nftables

List the nftables ruleset

sudo nft list ruleset

Restart SFTPGO

sudo systemctl restart sftpgo
sudo systemctl status sftpgo

Check the status in SFTPGO WEB UI

Try to connect to the server with WebDAV (HTTPS)

Use port 10443 in Cyberduck

screenshot WebDav (HTTPS) cyberduck

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