Converting SRT to SMPTE XML in Subtitle Edit

You can convert SRT subtitle files to Interop and SMPTE D-Cinema XML 2010/2014 in Subtitle Edit

Converting a SRT file to a SMPTE XML DCP subtitle file in Subtitle Edit

Choose the D-cinema XML 2010 or 2014 format

In the Toolbar choose

  • Format: D-Cinema SMPTE 2010
  • Encoding: UTF-8 with BOM

Change the XML properties

File – DcinemaSmpte2010 properties

Choose Movie title and reel number

  • Make one XML for each reel with the correct reel nr.

Generate unique UUIDs

  • Click on the Subtitle ID Generate ID button
  • Click on the URI Generate button

Choose Edit Rate and Time Code Rate

  • Change it to the frame rate of the DCP
  • Choose 25 FPS to get 25 FPS time code when making a 25 FPS SMPTE DCP

Choose Top/bottom margin and font size

  • Normal Top/bottom margin value: 7-10.
  • Normal font size for Flat: 36-42.
  • Normal font size for Scope: 38-42

Choose font

Arial.ttf is the normal subtitle font. Microsoft Sans Serif and Helvetica Neue are also used. Some use a bold font.

Rename the font to the font URI UUID that was generated.


Rename arial.ttf to 03048fd9-d51c-4050-bfbe-933320810bdd.ttf and place it in the same folder as the XML file.

Choose Color, Effect, and Effect Color

Color is usually white FFFFFFFF. Some use a warmer white to match the white point used in the movie.

Effect is usually border

Effect color is usually black

Choose Fade up/down Time

The normal value is 0

Save the XML

To activate the Dcinema properties, make a change in the subtitles. Then save the XML, and change it back.

  • File – Save as
  • Format D-Cinema SMPTE 2010 XML

Example XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SubtitleReel xmlns="" xmlns:xs="">
  <AnnotationText>This is a subtitle file</AnnotationText>
  <EditRate>25 1</EditRate>
  <LoadFont ID="Arial">urn:uuid:03048fd9-d51c-4050-bfbe-933320810bdd</LoadFont>
    <Font ID="Arial" Size="42" Weight="normal" Color="FFFFFFFF" Effect="border" EffectColor="FF000000">
      <Subtitle SpotNumber="1" FadeUpTime="00:00:00:00" FadeDownTime="00:00:00:00" TimeIn="00:00:01:00" TimeOut="00:00:03:00">
        <Text Vposition="14" Valign="bottom" Halign="center" Direction="ltr">test</Text>
        <Text Vposition="8" Valign="bottom" Halign="center" Direction="ltr">test</Text>

Adding the XML to a DCP

To add an SMPTE 2010/2014 XML subtitle file to an SMPTE DCP, you need a folder with the XML file and font.

When the DCP is made the XML file and font will be combined into an MXF file. You can encrypt the subtitle MXF file in an SMPTE DCP.

In an Interop DCP, the XML file and Font are placed in a subfolder when the DCP is made. The Interop subtitle XML file cannot be encrypted.

Changing font size manually

When the font is 42 and the bottom margin is 8, Subtitle Edit uses 6 percent between the two subtitle lines. They are on 8/14.
If you choose 40, Subtitle Edit changes them to 5 percent apart so they are on 8/13.
If you want font size 40 and 8/14 lines you can edit the XML in a text editor like BBEdit (mac) or notepad ++(win)

Moving subtitles up

If you want to move a subtitle up, to avoid hitting a burned-in title you can edit the XML:
Text Vposition=”14″
Text Vposition=”8″
to something like
Text Vposition=26″
Text Vposition=”20″

The vposition formatting will reset if you edit the XML again in Subtitle Edit.

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