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How to make encrypted DCPs in Easydcp Creator Plus and make KDMs and DKDMs in KDM generator

A DKDM is a KDM made for Easydcp creator + and similar programs that can do versioning like adding subtitles change audio and add logo reels to DCPs .

A KDM is for a cinema server/player that can only play the DCP.

When a distributor buys a DCP for versioning it is often encrypted and you can buy a DKDM that lets you do versioning on it. When the new version is ready you can encrypt it again.

It is possible to get the public encryption keys from cinemas that will screen a movie and make KDMs. I mostly send encrypted DCP to cinemas in Norway via Unique Movie transit and let them handle the logistics of generating and sending KDMs to cinemas. It is no extra cost to let them handle the KDMs.

This is how I make an encrypted DCP and a DKDM for a DCP lab or Movie Transit.

Convertering a DCP to an encrypted DCP in Easydcp Creator +

To enable encyption I click on the key on the video track and choose Enable for all tracks.

Now the lock icon is locked

To make the encrypted DCP I click on Generate DCP

Choose to make DCP digest in the Generate Package Wizard

To make a test KDM you can first make a KDM for your copy of Easydcp Creator.

Open the encrypted DCP in Easydcp creator. The keys are red and the DCP is locked.

Export the Public encryption key File – Content decryption – Export public certificate

Making a KDM/DKDM in Easydcp Generator

In KDM Generator choose the DCP-Digest that was created when the DCP was created. Choose the public certificate that you exported from Easydcp Creator and choose valid dates and then click on Generate KDM

In Easydcp Creator choose Export the Public encryption key File – Content decryption – Load Content Keys and load the KDM you generated.

Now the DCP has green lock icons and the DCP is unlocked.

When generating the DKDM for Movie Transit I use the public certificate they sent me and generate a key for them in KDM generator.

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