How to fix broken DCPs with Fraunhofer Easydcp Creator and Fraunhofer Easydcp Player

How to salvage parts of an unencrypted DCP from a broken harddrive
This is similar to cutting away broken frames from a 35 mm print.

If you get an error message on the server or TMS that says copy failure the hard drive could have bad sectors.
(Try changing cables and try to copy the DCP from the hard drive to another hard drive before trying to salvage the DCP)

You can extract the usable frames from the sound MXF and picture MXF of the DCP with Easydcp player

The DCP I tried to salvage stopped copying when it had copied 10 percent of the picture MXF file.

-I started extracting all j2c frames from the MXF
when it stopped because of the broken hard drive I wrote down the frame number and restarted Easydcp player,
-I tried extracting from the frame number I wrote down + 10 and it did not work,
-I restarted Easydcp player and tried +20 and it worked.
-I restarted Easydcp player again and extracted the first part until the broken frame number, both sound and picture. This would be the first reel.
-Then I skipped 20 frames and extracted sound and picture, this would be the second reel.

In easydcp creator I then made a DCP with two reels.


Repackage faulty DCPs.
Easydcp Creator does not let you make DCPs with errors, but some other mastering software lets you make DCPs with errors.
These may play on some servers, but not on others.

A DCP fails the hash tests when ingesting.

possible solution:
Use the subtitle XML, sound, and picture MXF from the corrupted DCP
-write down the reel lengths and frame offsets from the CPL
-and repackage the DCP.
If it is only the subtitle XML that has been edited, this would work. If an MXF file is corrupted, this would probably not work.

You are not allowed to use different resolutions on different reels.

A Sony server can play these, but not a Doremi server.

If it is a reel with a logo at the start that had a different resolution, remove this reel and repackage the DCP.

You are not allowed to use offsets on subtitles.
A Doremi server can play DCPs with offsets on subtitles, but not a Christie server.

If the subtitle time code starts at 1 hour, do a search and replace the subtitle XML in a text editor and adjust 1 hour to 0 hours and repackage the DCP without offsets on the subtitles.

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