Tips on Digital Cinema Theatre DCP test screenings

Before you check your DCP in a movie theatre, you need to know the specification of the movie theatre you are using.

Here are some question you could ask:
-Are the scope and flat presets without cropping?
35 mm cinemas often cropped much of the picture to mask the fact that the projector is tilted. Even with lens shift, some digital cinemas still has tilted projectors that need presets for scope and flat with cropping to fit the masking on the screen. This hides the fact that the shape of the picture often has a trapezoid shape. For a test screening of a DCP you could ask for a preset on the projector without cropping, this way you could watch for artifacts on the edges of the picture. You should also consider that the film will be shown in theatres with cropping, so you need to use safe zones. Also consider that a 1920×1080 DCP could reveal that the projector is tilted and the picture has a trapezoid shape, so scaling and cropping 1920×1080 material to 1998×1080 (Flat) when you make the DCP should be an option. If you want to watch the movie with better perceived contrast you should use the standard presets.

-Is the peak white luminance 14 Fl on the screen?
See this post for more info.

-How is the uniformity?
Old 3D screens can have bad uniformity.

-Is the sound correct?
See this post for more info.

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