How to output (EASY)DCP friendly DPX sequences from After Effects

UPDATE: In Easydcp 2.0 you can also make DCPs from (Prores 422) Quicktime files.

These DPX sequences can be used with Fraunhofer Easydcp to make DCPs.
Thanks to colorist Christian Berg-Nielsen (christian at at Sement & Betong Post Production.
If you need to have your film graded for digital cinema send him an email.

Step by step guide to make DPX sequence from a progressive REC.709 source. If your source is deinterlaced a quick solution is to deinterlace the source with MPEG Streamclip

Drag a clip to a project.

Change the project settings to >16 bit.


Right Click and interpret footage. Choose correct frame rate. Seperate Fields = off, The Audio may need to be corrected also.


Drag the clip to a new composition.


Right click the new composition, change resolution to 2048×858 for scope and 1998×1080 for flat.


Double click composition, right click on layer, choose transform and Fit to Comp Width (or Height).


Choose Composition – Add to Render Queue

Change the Output Module to “Format: DPX”

Choose Color Management , Cineon Settings, Full Range DPX


and choose a output directory with enough free space. (approx. 800 GB per hour)

Then Render.

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